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Privacy Policy

Privacy countries is part of the Terms and as shown here:

8 Confidentiality and privacy

8.1. There is no obligation to provide any details of an individual or a corporation, however, failure to furnish the required details in the process of listing and selling on the site may not allow the completion of the transaction.

8.2. Company and / or the site not transfer any user information to third parties without the user’s permission in advance and in writing, other than that needed for the purpose of providing services to the user on the site.

8.3. Since this is an online environment where absolute security is not possible, all information on this website morality does so at his own risk only.

8.4. The Company will use reasonable efforts and acceptable to maintain the confidentiality of information users and providers.

8.5. The Company shall not be liable for any damages, lost profits, INJURY TO REPUTATION, Reliance, expense, breach of contract, etc. – direct and / or indirect – caused, if and to the extent caused by, for infringement of confidential user information, payment method information leakage and / or private suppliers.

8.6. It is clarified that the recordation of the site by the user, the user agree to receive email and / or SMS [SMS] society, including e-mail and / or SMS [SMS] designed to encourage the purchase of products or services, which may include updates on various issues, information about a transaction, advertising, etc., and including messages that contain content that meets the definition of “advertising thing,” according to 40th amendment to the Communications Law (Telecommunications and Broadcasting), 1982. You may, at any time, notify the company you want to remove your address from the mailing list of the company, by sending a message to: unsub@couponim.co.il

8.7. Site and the company will be allowed to use personal information for internal use only, such as analysis of aggregate information about buying patterns and behavior of users and / or suppliers, and for purposes of investigating complaints and / or reviews, including through “cookies” (cookies). Each user can reconfigure his browser to refuse all cookies or to indicate the cookies sent to him. However, it should be noted that the number of parts of the site may not function properly if a user refuses to accept cookies.

8.8. User file a complaint or query regarding the product / service specific, shall be deemed approved transfer the information to the relevant advertiser to determine the complaint. Does not constitute any liability of the company website or in any way deal with complaints or at all.

8.9. Site and the company will meet any request to provide information – including personal information and personal information – if filed in accordance with the legal process, such as a search warrant, court order, and so on.